More than just

a Company

Since the beginning, we have been striving to show our commitment to the environment. With the help of the community of Juan Mina, we have built a sustainable and equitable population with development opportunities, so that its inhabitants can enjoy the same progress as Barranquilla and the Atlantic Coast.

We are eager to collaborate with the business and public sectors, civil society, and the community of the Juan Mina corregimiento to articulate social entrepreneurship initiatives. Through these initiatives, we hope to create opportunities for the development of “BEING” and “KNOW HOW” competencies in three impact areas: Well-being, Self-development, and Productive and Economic Strengthening.

we build

Life proyects

We do this through the management of resources and strategic alliances for training, empowerment, and community transformation aimed at the development of skills for life, the use and enjoyment of free time, and the promotion of academic excellence and entrepreneurship with a Gender approach.

Our objective is the construction of a social fabric that integrates the projection of sustainable social development of the corregimiento of Juan Mina to the road map and progress of the District of Barranquilla and the department of Atlántico.