The Zona Franca La Cayena on the Colombian Caribbean coast is a great place for successful businesses to settle. It offers unbeatable infrastructure conditions, meeting international standards of competitiveness, as well as excellent public services and the best rates on the Caribbean coast. Additionally, companies of any sector can establish themselves here, ensuring an efficient and quick response to their operational needs.

Colombia Welcomes You, Barranquilla Supports Your Business, and Zona Franca La Cayena Transform Your Possibilities into Realities.


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Barranquilla has a supply of highly qualified suppliers and human resources.

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Its excellent location in the middle of the American continent opens up a wide range of financial possibilities throughout the hemisphere, and it is also the only country in South America with access to two oceans: the Atlantic and the Pacific. All this added to its proximity to the Panama Canal and the fact that it is the second fastest growing economy in the world in recent years, make it a very attractive country for any type of investment.

In addition, our country offers you: 

Different investment opportunities in a wide variety of sectors. In the ranking of the world’s largest economies, it is projected in 32nd position and 4th in Latin America! Thanks to the new dynamics in world trade, Colombia can take advantage of different opportunities to increase and diversify its exports, access to demanding and sophisticated markets, increase in production quality, among others. In addition, you can be only 6 hours away by plane from the main cities in the Americas: (New York, Mexico City, Lima, Sao Paulo, etc.).

In La Cayena:

You will be only 25 kms from the port of Barranquilla and 17 kms from Puerto Compass. 113 kms from the port of Cartagena. 116 kms from the port of Santa Marta. 26.1 kms from Ernesto Cortissoz airport. 1,800 kms from the United States and Mexico. 2.000 kms from Portugal and Europe. 12 minutes from the north zone that connects you to the rest of the city.

And if you are in

Our city, Colombia’s Golden Gate, has an excellent infrastructure for commercial, industrial and service operations, with potential sectors such as Metalworking, Chemicals and Plastics, Renewable Energies, Software and IT Services, Food and Beverages, among others. It is located less than 100Km from the port areas of Santa Marta and Cartagena, it also allows you to have access to:  

The United States and Panama are less than two and a half hours and one hour respectively by air. 920 International Frequencies and 6,125 Domestic Frequencies per week. And it has: 

2 4G highways that connect the department with the country’s interior. 4 of the 10 submarine cables connecting Colombia to the world network.