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Besides companies, we build life projects

Since our beginnings, we have wanted to selflessly project ourselves with our surroundings. For this reason, we built, with the community of Juan Mina, a sustainable and equalitarian population with opportunities of development, so that the community’s inhabitants develop in the same way as Barranquilla and the Atlantic Coast Region.

We offer education oriented towards work in an effort to generate more employment. We offer knowledge to entrepreneurs so their business ideas can become realities. We support the highest achievers from high school by helping them access higher education. We created the program “Count on Me” (Cuenta Conmigo) that integrates the community of La Cayena with Juan Mina, creating harmony and allowing children to better take advantage of their free time. We have contributed to the development of great people that are appreciative of our commitment to their aspirations and our constant search to strengthen family bonds within the population for their wellbeing and development We are proud because we grow together with the community.