About Us

La Cayena Free Trade Zone, in Barranquilla, is the place on the Colombian Caribbean coast, where successful companies are located. In addition to the benefits of the free regime, it offers unbeatable conditions of infrastructure, based on the highest international standards of competitiveness, and is endowed with the best public services and rates on the Caribbean coast. It also holds the possibility of installing companies of any type of sector inside, offering an agile and efficient response to your operational needs.

Colombia welcomes you, Barranquilla supports your business, and La Cayena Free Trade Zone makes your possibilities become reality.

Infrastructure tailored to your needs

Success Stories

Fritz Bischoff

Fritz Bischoff

Gerente General FBU Logistics

Alberto Herazo

Alberto Herazo

Gerente General Cartonera Nacional S.A.

Gustavo Corzo

Gustavo Corzo

Gerente General Proflo Latam S.A.S

Our Benefits

Tax Incentives:

  • Reduction of income tax rate.
  • Purchases exempt from VAT when acquiring goods from the national customs territory necessary for the development of the corporate purpose of industrial users.
  • Exemption from payment of industry and commerce tax and property tax for 10 years.

Custom Incentives:

  • Unlimited storage of raw materials, supplies, semi-finished or finished product without paying custom duties.
  • Partial nationalization of merchandise.
  • Liquidation of import duties on foreign components.
  • Temporary departures to the national customs territory (Partial Processing + Repair).
  • Output of waste without commercial value, do not pay custom taxes.
  • Recognition of trade agreements.

For You:

  • Online inventory control.
  • Easy access to urban and commercial areas.
  • Permanent public transport service.
  • Economic and skilled labor.
  • National Tax and Customs Directorate offices inside the park.
  • Technical support.
  • Restaurant.



Its excellent location in the middle of the American continent opens a wide array of financial opportunities in the hemisphere, and is additionally the only country in South America that has access to both oceans: Atlantic and Pacific. Adding to this its closeness to the Panama Canal and the fact that it’s the second economy that has grown the most in the last years, makes a very attractive country for any type of investment.

In Barranquilla:

Thanks to its strategic location, Barranquilla opens its gates with ease to any investment that seeks world-wide projection. It is the most important city of Colombia’s Caribbean Coast with a market of more than one million two hundred people.

Besides being the main multipurpose port of the country, it is very close to the ports of Cartagena and Santa Marta and to the Ernesto Cortissoz international airport, one of the most modern ones of the country. Its land, sea, river, aerial and telecommunications infrastructure make it an enormous platform for commercial exchanges.


The excellent location of La Cayena will allow you to be just:

  • 1,800 km from the United States and Mexico.
  • 7,200 km from Portugal and Europe
  • 25 km from the port of Barranquilla and 17 km from Puerto Compass.
  • 26.1 km from the airport Ernesto Cortissoz.
  • 113 km from the port of Cartagena
  • 116 km from the port of Santa Marta.
  • Crossed by the country’s first 4G road (Circunvalar de la prosperidad).